I attended college at Salem State University where I received my Bachelor's degree in Photography. I Mainly focus on Wedding Photography and Engagements but I am always willing to adventure out with a new client to capture whatever event or moment life is throwing at them. 

Hi, I'm Nick; I hope to capture your forever moments and love story! What I love most is creating beauty from behind my camera for couples to enjoy and look back on for a lifetime. The adventure and excitement of every photo session are unique. Together we can create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones! 


a little bit about

HAVING FUN! I LOVE partying with my couples. I may not be the best dancer, but you'll see me doing the cupid shuffle with your friends on the dance floor. It doesn't take much to be an NZ couple. Be yourself, enjoy life in your skin, and embrace your self-love. Life is too short to be full of insecurities, but with me, you are safe. I am here to capture that beautiful smile and definitely some badass portraits!

what makes aN NZ Couple A FRIEND